Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Before I forget, here's the link to Project Heal. If you would like to join me on this journey, you're more than welcome. You don't have to post it publicly, and you can start today with day one. It's your journey.

Day 14: Dark/Light-- I've had periods of deep darkness over the past two years. My most recent one was about a month ago, when I wrote a blog that I was immediately unhappy with. My darkest moments are usually around my period, or when a slew of friends have babies at once. It's even worse when both happen together. During my periods of darkness I try to find songs to help me through. Unfortunately I find it very hard to read books then, so there's big gaps in my book logs.

The light has come when I crawl out of the darkness. Those days in between cycles, when everything feels possible and normal, that's when I'm in the light. In some ways those days are just as challenging, because I know the darkness is never far away. It's never gone completely. I long for the joys of Heaven where there's no darkness, no pain, and no tears. It's so strange to always miss a piece of your heart.

This was my attempt at a sunrise pic this morning. The sun didn't cooperate and I never was able to get a good shot. Surprisingly you can see more color in the picture than in real life. I'm sure there's an allegory there...

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