Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's A...


Chances are if you're reading this you already know we're welcoming another little girl in our home this fall. Since we tried to keep the gender reveal party small, I thought I'd share some of what happened here.

My best friend owns the donut shop in town. Boy is it great to have friends in high places! She made us adorable cupcakes with pink and blue peeps on top and colored sprinkles in the middle. She gave Hope a special yellow peep so we would know which was hers. Another great friend made a "Big Sister" t-shirt for her. I am so thankful for the help and support of everyone!

My aunt and I made pink and blue punch (Shaun's family supplied everything we needed). We had leftover pink and blue plates and napkins from our wedding, so we used those to serve. I wasn't even thinking about babies when I chose our colors, in fact they're quite bright, but it worked out so well! Hope was bouncing off the walls with anticipation. My mom even made Shaun's sister a t-shirt that said "Aunt to Be".

After Hope did the big reveal we discussed names. I explained the names Shaun and I are considering and the significance behind each. We also explained our desire to keep the names a secret until she arrives, just in case we choose our backup instead of our first choice. There was also a great deal of controversy surrounding Hope's name and what we chose to call her, and I don't want to repeat that experience. I'm sure people will have something to say when she's born, and I'm sure I won't always be polite in my response. I was always told when I had kids I would have the chance to name them, and by golly I'll name my kids what I want.

Today I told Shaun to prepare for a ton of pink. I want pink everything; car seat, stroller, dresses, bows, pink, pink, PINK! Her closet will probably look like a page out of Pinkalicious, and that's just how I hope it is. When Hope was born I was afraid to put her in anything other than pink (unless it was a dress, but even most of those were pink) because she had such little hair everyone thought she was a boy. Two years later I still had people asking how old my 'son' was. So yes, I want everything either pink or a dress, or both. I really need to sell some more Jamberry wraps, because I am itching to buy an outfit for her! My website is here if you'd like to buy anything. Thanks for all the prayers and support!

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