Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Never a Dull Moment!

Today was my first day off all summer. I'm not even necessarily off on weekends, since I'm a mom and I work in my church nursery. I chose to spend the day Bible journaling, reading and watching Netflix. It was a great, quiet, refreshing time. Then Shaun asked me to go to the grocery store.

Everything was fine until I started walking toward the checkout. Suddenly I had excruciating cramps in my left side. I quickly checked out and went to my car. I sat for a few minutes to see if the change in positions would alleviate them. It didn't. I drove home and told Shaun we needed to go to the hospital. Cramping is one of the symptoms my doctor told me to come in for. I laid down on the couch for a few minutes while he asked more detailed questions about my symptoms. In the end we decided to have my mom drive me to the hospital so he could finish cooking dinner. It didn't feel like early labor, so Shaun felt okay staying home.

The beautiful thing is now we know exactly what to do when we go to the hospital. They checked me right in to labor and delivery, and my doctor was there in record time. I was thoroughly impressed, because all three times I went in with Hope I never once saw a doctor, much less mine. He checked me and determined I wasn't dilated, but assured me I did the right thing by coming in. He reminded me of the symptoms to come in for before ordering a non-stress test. They wasted no time in discharging me when the test was over. Overall it was an excellent experience. I'm relieved Baby Girl isn't ready yet and nothing was wrong. For the record, my doctor didn't say what could have caused the cramps, but I also didn't ask. I'll see him tomorrow and ask then.

When I called Shaun to update him, his first question was how the baby was. He called her by her middle name for the first time! Normally he uses her first, and even that he doesn't use often, but I could hear the anticipation and concern in his voice. It was so special.

Thanks for the continued prayers. I'll try to write a blog after my appointment tomorrow.

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