Sunday, July 19, 2015

Two Updates (Including Baby Showers)

I had appointments on Monday and Thursday last week. Obviously I've gotten a tad behind on my updates. Sorry!

Monday was my second BPP and NST. Baby Girl was NOT cooperative for pictures, so we didn't get any. I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come. My doctor suggested a safe sleep aid, and I will try it if I ever remember to buy it. The biggest change is he decided to see me twice a week, after each BPP and NST.

Thursday I took Hope with me. I don't think she was too thrilled with having to go, but she loved seeing the ultrasound! Baby Girl put on quite a show of keeping her feet and her hands over her face, preventing pictures again. The tech managed to snap one, but you can barely make out her face under her foot. She's going to give us a run for our money, for sure! She's stubborn, stubborn, stubborn already! My doctor has switched from telling me to call and come to the office if I'm in labor to telling me to go directly to the hospital. I don't think he expects her to wait until September, either!

Baby Shower Update: My church is AMAZING!!!! If you're local and looking for a church, come check us out! I'm the nursery director, and I was told last week I can take at least 6-8 weeks off when Baby arrives. I've made arrangements beginning the last weekend in August, and I've already found a replacement director while I'm on 'leave'. The other (bigger) reason they're awesome is they celebrate EVERY baby born in the church. It doesn't matter if it's your first or your fifth, every baby gets a party. Since we're cloth diapering, Baby Girl gets a 'Book & Bow' party on August 23rd. Any friends or family who would like to come are welcome, just pm me and I'll tell you the details.

Welcome Baby: My mom is throwing a "Welcome Baby Girl' party on September 19th. I want ALL our friends and family who've prayed for us since losing William to have the chance to hold her. This is two weeks after she's due (so she'll definitely be there!) and before cold and flu season. If you went to Hope's shower, this will be at the same place.

We registered at Babies R Us and Target. Shaun did most of the registering at Babies R Us (so I apologize if anything REALLY weird is on there) and Hope registered at Target. I wanted her to pick out a few things for her room in case someone wants to buy her a 'big sister' gift. She also found some cute outfits and accessories she wants for her sister.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support on this journey. Baby is kicking hard right now and I can't wait until she's here. I keep saying i want her to wait until after the church shower, but I wouldn't mind if she didn't! I just want her to wait until Hope is in school. The two biggest prayer requests right now are that she STAYS healthy and that we're ready when she arrives. We don't have her room ready (not a huge deal since I don't expect her to use it for the first six months, but an inconvenience) and her co-sleeper isn't set up yet. I'm really starting to panic that nothing will be ready when she arrives.

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