Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's in a Name

We chose four baby names while we were still dating. Two boy names and two girl names that have great significance. We never suspected we would have trouble carrying or conceiving. As we were preparing for William's birth we discussed names. Many of the names we had chosen were in memory of someone in Heaven, so we knew the other would agree to choosing a new name.

Problem: How do you choose a name for the child you are about to bury? We agreed we would pick two names, a boy and a girl. I immediately offered Shaun or Christopher to represent Shaun. He was totally against both. He never wanted a 'Junior' and didn't like the idea of using any part of his name. I don't remember talking about using my name; though I'm sure we did. I bought a new baby name book and we began looking for a boy and a girl name. We quickly agreed on William which means 'Will' or 'Desire'. It's our desire to follow Christ, and losing this baby was part of God's plan. We agreed on a middle name, but I don't remember it anymore. For a girl I desperately wanted to use the name Joy. We have Hope, and we're praying someday we will have a Faith and Grace, but we've never discussed Joy. Shaun hated it. How could there be any joy from this? For once in our marriage I was the one looking ahead. After much discussion we finally agreed on Amadea Joy, though Shaun still wasn't very happy with it.

The morning I was to be induced Shaun picked me up from my cousin's house. As soon as I got in the car he said. 'I've been up all night and I've come to two conclusions. If it's a boy I want him buried in Nashville and I want to give him my middle name.'

I was elated! I didn't want my baby buried an hour away with his grandfather, and giving him the middle name Christopher meant his name would mean 'Desire of one who follows Christ.' What a perfect way to honor God through our pain!

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