Friday, February 13, 2015

Details I Forgot Last Night--Nothing Bad!

Things I forgot to mention last night:
The nurse gave me a pregnancy pack with tons of information about the hospital, baby development, prenatal vitamins, and getting a stuffed animal with a recording of your child's heartbeat! We love that idea, but it didn't say where or how to order it. If anyone knows, let us know! Otherwise we'll ask at the next visit (how did I forget doctors provide this?!)

No more soda!--This is REALLY bad news for Thursday nights and Friday mornings. Hope has her dance class an hour away on Thursday nights, and she isn't finished until 8:45. I'm allowed to have ginger ale, since that's what settles my stomach the best, but that's it. This is a preventative measure so I don't get diabetes. I understand and will comply, but be extra nice to me on Fridays, I'll be extra cranky. I'm pretty sure coffe would be out too, because I fill mine with sugar and fattening products. I'm trying to convince my mom to ride with us or drive each week so I don't get too tired coming home.

Classes for us & Hope--Never having delivered at this hospital, I wasn't sure how much they offered in way of sibling classes. I figured some sort of tour and childbirth preparation classes are available at every hospital, but you never know. Hope is really excited about taking a sibling class, I told her about the one I went to when Caitlin was born. I also prepared her for the fact that she'll probably be the oldest sibling there, as most parents have 2-5 years between kids, not ten. She doesn't mind.

Dinner with Shaun--We're enjoying these date nights while we can! I predict a random hotel stay before summer is over. I'm expecting the Drury Inn in Mt. Vernon, because it was one of our favorites before they demolished and rebuilt it, but I also wouldn't be surprised if he splurged for the Hilton again. Goodness knows that'll be completely out once the baby arrives.

Call from lactation consultant--I was expecting this. Even though I nursed for eighteen months, I'm glad to have someone to call or text after office hours if we have any trouble. Hope had a little bit of trouble latching on and I had a horrible pump, and it took weeks to get it all straightened out. We've chosen a better pump this time, and having a support system in place should help things go smoothly. Now I'm praying baby is healthy and I don't get any infections so we can get the most out of the nursing experience.

I think that's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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